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Calor Gas

in Cranleigh, Dorking, Godalming, Guildford and the Surrounding Areas

Based in Shamley Green, Cranleigh Gas is a gas cylinder supplier for domestic and commercial customers throughout the counties of Surrey and West Sussex. Offering such services as gas bottle delivery and collection, as well as gas bottle refills, we have built a reputation in the local area for quality products handled responsibly. In addition to stocking gas cylinders, we also have a wide range of accessories available for purchase at our store. This includes changeover valves, hoses, bottled gas fittings, regulators and even roofing torches, and all at competitive prices.

Whether for personal use, such as for barbecues or patio heaters, or for commercial purposes, like LPG cookers and welding projects, we stock a variety of different gas types to suit almost every need.

Whatever type you require, we also provide gas bottle refills onsite at our store, for your convenience.

Among our impressive inventory, we supply Calor Gas products for customers in Cranleigh, Dorking, Godalming, Guildford and the surrounding areas. Although we cannot deliver BOC and Hobbyweld gas cylinders, customers in the local area can contact us to arrange Calor Gas bottle delivery.

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Some of the products we stock at our premises include:

calor gas 3.9

3.9kg Propane

While this is not ideal for large 4-burner barbecues, if your gas appliance is relatively small and doesn’t have a high heat setting and energy demand, then a 3.9kg bottled gas propane cylinder may be all you require.

calor gas 6

6kg Propane

Suitable for a range of moderately frequent uses, a 6kg propane cylinder may last up to 2 or 3 years. We recommend this size of canister for barbecues with 1-3 burners – usually two main burners and a smaller side burner.

calor gas 13

13kg Propane

If you’re someone who likes to partake in caravan holidays, we recommend the 13kg propane gas bottle. Not too big and not too small, this cylinder will more than meet the requirements to power your appliances.

calor gas 18

18kg Propane

9 out of 10 forklifts use a similar size tank of liquid propane. If the forklift trucks at your company have four-cylinder engines, each 18kg tank should last between 8-10 hours.

calor gas 18

19kg Propane

This particular product has a wide range of uses. It is the perfect choice for heating and cooking in both touring and static caravans, catering trucks and narrow boats. The 19kg cylinder also comes in handy for domestic cooking, commercial or industrial heating appliances and even comes in handy for roofing projects.

calor gas 47

47kg Propane

As the largest cylinder we stock, a 47kg propane gas bottle has perhaps the widest range of applications. However, our expert personnel recommend this option for domestic use, to satisfy both cooking and heating requirements.

calor gas 4.5

4.5kg Butane

While propane is a better choice for camping in the winter, the 4.5kg butane gas cylinder offers better value for money and lasts longer. The perfect choice for a family camping trip and will save on gas bottle refills.

calor gas 7

7kg Butane

While 4.5kg of butane is not enough to power a portable heater at home, and a 15kg gas bottle is too large to take camping, the 7kg option is suitable for both applications. Of course, this depends on your usage needs.

calor gas 15

15kg Butane

We recommend the 15kg butane gas bottle for fuelling portable heating systems used in domestic and commercial properties. As a gas, butane burns cleaner than propane and, therefore produces far less carbon monoxide. This makes it the safest option.

calor gas 5

5kg Patio Gas

While this may be too small to fuel free-standing patio heaters, the 5kg bottled gas cylinder is the perfect choice for a tabletop heater. This makes them ideal for use in domestic gardens in Dorking, pub gardens in Godalming and outside dining areas in Guildford. Come to Cranleigh Gas for your gas bottle refills.

Patio Gas

13kg Patio Gas

If you have a free-standing patio heater in your garden, or perhaps you rely on them to warm the al fresco diners at your restaurant, we suggest the 13kg cylinder to keep your guests nice and warm.

As trusted suppliers of Calor products, we are confident in the quality of all the different types of gas cylinders we stock and we would never sell a product which we believe to be substandard.

Please always read the manufacturer’s instructions on your gas appliances before attaching, detaching and using gas cylinders as fuel.

Call us on 01483 277 884 for more information about our Calor Gas bottle delivery options, bottled gas products and gas bottle refills in Cranleigh, Dorking, Godalming, Guildford and Surrey.


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