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Bottled Gas in Cranleigh

How to Use Gas Cylinders in a Safe and Responsible Manner

Whether for powering portable cookers, barbecues, welding torches or patio heaters, there’s a certain amount of risk involved in using bottled gas. After all, gases used to produce heat are highly flammable. At Cranleigh Gas, we follow the guidelines laid out in the current HSE. However, we feel that our responsibility extends beyond ourselves and want to ensure that our customers know how to use our gas cylinders safely.

As a BOC, Campingaz, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld gas supplier, customers frequently come to us for new purchases, gas bottle refills and gas bottle delivery throughout the counties of Surrey and West Sussex.

When it comes to using bottled gas products, there are certain dos and don’ts we urge our customers to follow.

If you live in the Cranleigh area and use gas cylinders like propane, butane, patio gas or welding gases, this page will help you to minimise the risk of property damage and personal injury.

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What to Do When Using Bottled Gas:

What Not to Do When Using Bottled Gas:

If you live in Cranleigh and need advice on the safe use of bottled gas products, call us on 01483 277 884. We specialise in Calor Gas bottle delivery, gas bottle refills and more.


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