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calor company logohobbyweld

Gas Bottle Delivery in Dorking

The Relevant Health and Safety Regulations

At Cranleigh Gas, the health, safety and wellbeing of our personnel, our customers and the public at large is our main concern. Handling bottled gases such as propane, butane, patio gas and welding gases comes with a certain amount of risk. After all, many of the gases contained within these cylinders are highly flammable. As a trusted BOC, Campingaz, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld gas supplier, it is our legal responsibility to adhere to the current Health and Safety Regulations and industry guidelines when performing gas bottle refills, gas bottle delivery and other such tasks.

As a responsible company committed to safety, all our staff undergoes regular training and refresher courses to ensure that we remain up to date with the current legislation and any bottled gas product changes.

We also equip our personnel with the appropriate PPE when necessary – particularly when carrying out gas bottle refills.

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Some of the regulations we follow include:

The Carriage of Dangerous Goods (Amendment) Regulations 2019 – The purpose of these regulations is to protect both the carrier and those who may later become involved, such as the public or members of the emergency services. Our operatives understand that, when undertaking a gas bottle delivery around Dorking and other areas, we have a duty to minimise the risk of an incident occurring, which may lead to personal injury or property damage.

By complying with these regulations, our operatives ensure the safe transportation of flammable bottled gases, such as Calor Gas propane and butane, by road.

All our personnel carry ADR licenses, displaying our commitment to the safe delivery of gas cylinders.

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 – As a BOC, Campingaz, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld gas supplier, we stock a large number of cylinders of all sizes. Occasionally, our personnel have to use lifting equipment and machinery in order to move, load and unload heavy items and bulk quantities of bottled gas products, around Dorking and the surrounding areas. By following these regulations, we can reduce the risk of personal injury caused by operating lifting equipment in the workplace.

The Transportable Pressure Vessels Regulations 2001 – Not only do these regulations apply to the transportation of gas cylinders through gas bottle delivery, but they also encompass the safe undertaking of gas bottle refilling, emptying and storage. As a responsible company, Cranleigh Gas handles all bottled gas products with the utmost care and attention.

The Highly Flammable Liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972 – By remaining compliant with these regulations, we ensure the safe storage, filling and transportation of gas cylinders throughout the Dorking area. This is exactly why leading brands such as BOC, Campingaz, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld trust us to be an agent for their companies.

Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 – These regulations relate to the transportation or moving of any load by hand or bodily force. Due to frequently lifting and carrying bottled gas cylinders for gas bottle refills, deliveries or purchases, our personnel are often at risk of personal injury, such as back pain. As a company committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our staff, Cranleigh Gas takes whatever steps are necessary, as is reasonably practicable, to reduce the risk of injury.

In addition to complying with the above regulations, we also follow the guidelines and codes of practice as laid out by The British Compressed Gases Association.

For responsible BOC, Campingaz, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld gas suppliers in Dorking, call 01483 277 884. We specialise in gas bottle delivery, bottled gases, gas bottle refills and more.


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