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Calor Gas in Godalming

Gas BBQs Vs Charcoal BBQs

There are few things better than enjoying a barbecue on a summer’s day, particularly as there’s never any guarantee of having good weather during a British summer. While there is an enormous range of different barbecue models available for purchase, they largely belong to one of two main categories: gas or charcoal. Many people choose which type to go for based solely on personal preference. However, if you’re wondering what the pros and cons are to both, then this page may help you make the right decision for you and your family.

As a BOC, Campingaz, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld gas supplier, Cranleigh Gas supplies all manner of bottled gas products suitable for use with gas barbecues. You can also come to us for gas bottle refills, when your barbecue is running low on fuel, and to arrange for a gas bottle delivery in the Godalming area.

However, we should point out that deliveries are only available for Calor Gas cylinders.

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Charcoal BBQs

Many people prefer the smoky barbecue flavour produced by grilling meats, vegetables and fish over white-hot charcoal. Not only are they cheaper than gas barbecues, but charcoal barbecues are much easier to assemble and to manoeuvre around the garden or patio. Furthermore, they generally take up far less storage space in the garage of your Godalming home when not in use.

Another advantage of using charcoal is that it’s far easier to tell when you’re running low on fuel. With a gas alternative, it can be tricky to determine when you’re in need of a gas bottle refill until your barbecue stops working, unless you have a gauge.

However, unlike appliances that rely on bottled gas for fuel, it can be difficult to control the heat of a charcoal barbecue, often resulting in burnt sausages that are still raw in the middle.

Gas BBQs

In our capacity as a BOC, Campingaz, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld gas supplier, we regularly provide customers throughout the Godalming area with bottled gas cylinders for their barbecues.

Whether you come into our store in Shamley Green or arrange for a gas bottle delivery, it’s remarkably easy to get your hands on a decent propane tank for your barbecue. When compared to their charcoal-fuelled cousins, gas barbecues require far less time to light and only take roughly 10 minutes to pre-heat before the cooking can begin. Thanks to a set of control knobs, adjusting the heat during cooking is simple. This means that even the least experienced chef can avoid burning everything.

While they are more expensive than charcoal barbecues, they are usually far more attractive and much easier to clean.

Although they may take up more storage space in the shed or garage, it’s easy enough to buy a weatherproof cover to keep them dry and free from rust, if you choose to store them outside all year round.

Some people around Godalming may consider that having to buy and top up a bottled gas cylinder is a nuisance. However, our expert personnel can come to your home to collect empty cylinders and take them back to our store for a gas bottle refill.

Alternatively, we can swap them then and there for a filled replacement as part of a Calor Gas bottle delivery, or you can simply bring in your empty cylinder for a refill while you wait.

If you have a gas barbecue, call our BOC, Calor Gas and Hobbyweld gas suppliers on 01483 277 884 for gas bottle delivery, gas bottle refills or to buy bottled gas in Godalming.


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