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Hobbyweld Gas Supplier

in Dorking, Cranleigh, Godalming, Guildford and Surrey

At Cranleigh Gas, we stock a wide range of bottled gases to suit almost every need. Whether you’re looking for Calor Gas products to keep your barbecue burning throughout the summer months, or you’re after BOC helium gas cylinders to fill a load of party balloons, we supply a variety of products at competitive prices. We even stock an impressive selection of Hobbyweld products, which are perfect for the welding amateur or professional.

Hobbyweld is a popular brand because, unlike many industrial gas suppliers, they do not charge a rental fee for their gas cylinders. Instead, you simply pay a deposit for the cylinder and, in lieu of a monthly rental fee, you only pay when you require a gas bottle refill.

This makes them the ideal brand for DIY enthusiasts in Cranleigh, Dorking, Godalming, Guildford and the surrounding areas. The fact that you won’t be paying out monthly for a cylinder that you’re not using on a regular basis, also makes Hobbyweld the perfect fit for anyone who engages in light trade welding.

As a Hobbyweld gas supplier, we stock a wide range of gas mixtures suitable for all forms of welding, brazing and cutting. So, whether you’re working with stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel or mild steel, you’re sure to find a gas for your needs.

Each product is available in 3 sizes. The Original and Plus cylinders feature a regular industrial gas valve as standard, whereas the Ultra cylinder comes equipped with a built-in regulator, which saves you time and money on replacing regulators.

Whenever you require gas bottle refills, simply contact us to come and collect your cylinder.

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Hobbyweld 5

For MIG welding. If you live in Cranleigh or Dorking and are planning to use sheet or thin sections of mild steel or carbon steel, no thicker than 7mm, then this is the perfect choice for you – especially if you’re working on vehicle restoration. This particular bottled gas is easy to use, delivering quick travel speeds and minimal spatter, which saves you time on clean up.

- Original (S) 9 Litre @ 137 bar - £65 deposit
- Plus (M) 20 Litre @ 230 bar - £110 deposit
- Ultra (L) 20 Litre @300 bar - £190 deposit

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Hobbyweld 15

Also for MIG welding around Godalming and Guildford. Suitable for thicker sections of mild steel or carbon steel, from 7mm to 15mm in thickness. This makes it a better choice for light trade applications, general fabrication and repairs. The universal gas mix provides terrific penetration and excellent weld quality, as well as low fume levels and minimal spatter.

- Original (S) 9 Litre @ 137 bar - £65 deposit
- Plus (M) 20 Litre @ 230 bar - £110 deposit
- Ultra (L) 20 Litre @300 bar - £190 deposit


Pure Argon

Often used as a shielding gas for TIG welding aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. Alternatively, with the right wire and consumables, this can also suit a MIG welder for aluminium. If using it for both MIG and TIG welding, you will find your bottled gas cylinder may run out more quickly. As a trusted Hobbyweld gas supplier, we carry out gas bottle refills upon request, at competitive prices.

- Original (S) 9 Litre @ 137 bar - £65 deposit
- Plus (M) 20 Litre @ 230 bar - £110 deposit
- Ultra (L) 20 Litre @300 bar - £190 deposit



Traditionally and commonly used in conjunction with a fuel gas to support a variety of different applications, including soldering, brazing, cutting and welding (acetylene only). If you live in the Cranleigh or Dorking areas, using oxygen supports the combustion of a fuel gas, enabling the production of a higher flame temperature.

- Original (S) 9 Litre @ 137 bar - £65 deposit
- Plus (M) 20 Litre @ 230 bar - £110 deposit
- Ultra (L) 20 Litre @300 bar - £190 deposit



This is the most efficient and hottest fuel gas on the market, making it the product of choice for most processes, including gas welding, heating, cutting and brazing. If you live in Godalming, Guildford or the surrounding areas, using acetylene will improve your cutting speed, reduce pre-heat timings and deliver extensive improvements to the quality of your work.

- Original (S) 5 Litre (882g*) - £65 deposit
- Plus (M) 10 Litre (1,764g*) - £110 deposit
- Ultra (L) 15.9 Litre (2,805g*) - £190 deposit

*Approximate weight of contents, excluding the weight of the bottle gas cylinder.

Please note that we do not offer delivery for Hobbyweld gas cylinders. However, you can place your order over the phone before coming down to our shop in Shamley Green, to ensure we have what you need.

Call our Hobbyweld gas suppliers on 01483 277 884 for bottled gases and to enquire about gas bottle refills in Cranleigh, Dorking, Godalming, Guildford and the surrounding areas.


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